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What is a Street Chaplain?

This is the most common question we hear while patrolling the streets is:
“What is a Street Chaplain?”
Our Chaplains will reply with “Someone who helps people“.
Or, “We care for you when it matters”.


The Street Chaplains belong to “Western Urban Associates (WA)” which is a fully incorporated not-for-profit association of Christian people who have come together from all mainline churches to answer God’s call to be ‘Good Samaritans’.

Street Chaplains are compassionate male and females, who are First Aid trained. They understand the streets well and work alongside a range of other service providers such as the Police, Ambo’s, CCTV and Indigenous services.

All our Street Chaplains are accredited at the end of careful training and hold a contract for voluntary service.

A Street Chaplain’s goal is to help people in need by showing compassion through acts of kindness. The opportunities to do so on the streets are endless.

Some of the equipment they carry includes water bottles, a comprehensive first aid kit, vomit bags, hand wipes, blankets/sarongs and “flip-flops”/thongs etc.


The vision of the Street Chaplains is to provide a safe environment for people whether they be patrons enjoying a night out without fear of harm or rough sleepers seeking help on the streets during the day. The aim is to be ‘Good Samaritans’ to those in need, not preaching at people, but simply to care, protect and ensure patrons get the care they need. The simple agenda is to love and care. Street Chaplains respect the range of cultural traditions, affiliations and religious views in the community and are approachable by people of all beliefs.


Street Chaplains are Christians who hold a living relationship with one of the mainline Christian denominations. When a person applies to do the training to become a street chaplain a reference is required from their church leaders. The reference confirms the person is linked to a local church. Currently over twenty denominations are represented in the Street Chaplain community. We also have a good relationship with the WA Heads of Churches.

For further information on becoming a Street Chaplain go to the Training page.




Street Chaplains will offer first aid skills, a listening ear, help to those who are rough sleepers, assistance in getting an Uber or taxi and finding friends when people get “lost” from their mates. Street chaplains work alongside the existing network of support, which includes Police, Ambulance Services, Nyoongar Outreach, Department of Child Protection Street Workers and other emergency services.

A Street Chaplain can facilitate access to many support agencies in the community, both religious-based and secular, with the approval of the individual.

The activities undertaken by street chaplains may include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitating the safety and maintaining the dignity of vulnerable individuals
  • Providing guidance to people on issues concerning human relationships
  • Providing guidance to people in conflict
  • Assisting the Police in maintaining a peaceful environment
  • Providing support in cases of inebriation or drug overdose and or first aid situations
  • Being a listening and compassionate ‘ear’ to people’s problems or concerns
  • Supporting people who may wish to explore their spirituality
  • Providing guidance on religious values and ethical matters and
  • Facilitating access to the helping agencies in the community, both church-based and secular


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