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We are unified by our love to serve those in need across Bunbury.

Small City with a big heart

As a busy regional port city, Bunbury has a night life that is a microcosm of cities like Perth.

Following the example of the ‘Good Samaritan,’ our aim is simply to provide care to those who have suffered harm or who are vulnerable, to help patrons enjoy a night out without fear of harm.

Bunbury Street Chaplains are volunteers from a wide range of Christian churches in the Bunbury area. The organisation is testimony to unity in diversity. Patrolling in the City’s entertainment precinct most Saturday nights and some Friday nights, we offer a range of services – from simply getting alongside to listen and offer pastoral care to giving out water bottles or practical help such as helping someone to a taxi or providing First Aid.

Street Chaplains enjoy good cooperation with Police and security personnel at the venues, as well the City Council and the appreciation of many patrons. It is a small city with a big heart.

Contact Bunbury Street Chaplains: bunbury@streetchaplain.com

Fremantle harbour

We are desperately in need of more chaplains joining us. Please reach out via the “Join Us” link provided.


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