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The City of Mandurah a growing, vibrant southern centre

A City with an active nightlife

We appreciate your interest and wanting to know more about who Mandurah Street Chaplains are and what we actually do.

We are all volunteers from a variety of different churches in the Mandurah area that are around on a Friday or Saturday night in the Mandurah CBD between the hours of 11pm and 4am.

Our main focus is to make the CBD a safer place by looking after vulnerable people whether they are intoxicated, drug affected or traumatised by some life event.

We are a listening ear and a caring pair of hands trained to dispense First Aid in a physical or emotional sense depending on the situation or just walking around talking to people when no urgent situation is presenting itself.

We do this working alongside the City of Mandurah, Police, Liquor Accord members, Emergency Care providers and a host of other agencies to numerous to mention.

All of the Street Chaplains have a Senior First Aid Certificate, a Working With Children’s Card, a Police Clearance, Alcohol and Drug awareness and management training, conflict management training, mental health awareness and emotional first aid training as a basic toolkit on which we constantly strive to build.

We mostly cover the area between Murphy’s Irish Pub, the Smart Street Mall, the Monkey Bar and the Eastern Foreshore.

Please say Hi to us when you see us out on the streets of Mandurah.

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